Puff Daddy- Puffer Coats | Winter Fashion 2017/18

Dress: Zara / Shoes: Forever 21 / Jacket: H&M /Earrings: Aldo

Obnoxiously over-sized and eye drawing jackets/coats are my favorite thing in the winter. Its always a must to have something that stands out in my outfits. Something has to be attention grabbing, a coat, a shoe, a color, something. In this case, the puff daddy vibes puffer coat definitely, is it. And secondly, the furry Nicolette shoe by  Loeffler Randall look alike is the next thing your eye is drawn too. I thought of this look on a whim. I didn’t take a look in the mirror when I decided to put it together. My only logic behind it was statement and fun and it worked. 

Like I mention in most of my posts, puffer coats made their hit last winter and their impact overflowed into this year, but better. This year’s puffers are causing more of a statement with brighter colors and bolder puffs. All perfect for adding that “pop” to your outfit. Mine in particular, from H&M is currently on sale and even at regular price, was pretty doable for a jacket/coat its size. The price also lends to the quality, because this thing is warm and cozy. Its literally like a blanket. Check out some of my favorites that I found below. Its holiday seasons so don’t forget to find discount codes to get them at great prices. 

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