About Page

The name VIRTUESS, is a combination of the word VIRTUE and the ending in Princ-ESS, together it sounds like Virtuous, just a different spelling. As cliche and typical it does come from the well known bible verse Proverbs 31:10.

This brings me to the point of my blog. The making of this blog has been a 3 year process, trying to avoid it and about a year of research and finalizing after I finally put the idea out. And this is where I thank everyone, my friends aka my supporters, my leaders, my “media team”, they are literally the best and have Devin to thank for my logo,  and anyone who has taken a picture of me!

I have been active blog reader addict since the 10th grade in highschool. My highschool gave us each laptops so whenever I had a study or finished my work I was reading fashion, hair and makeup blogs, doing research, enter giveaways and winning if I may note. This is when the blogging boom happened, I probably know almost every single one in its beginning stages, I was really obsessed.  I also had a blog in 2009 that no one, I mean no one knew about, I even had a youtube channel with couple thousand views. I was so scared someone would find it, that I deleted all my videos. Most of what I know about hair and makeup stemmed from youtube. Being the nerd that I am the whole virtual learning thing was fun, where I could read and watch for hours and hours. This obsession didn’t start recently its always something I enjoyed, every day it just makes my shopping habits worse. And whenever there is an event or occasion someone is getting their hair or makeup done by me, simply because I really do enjoy it. When I was really young around the age of 12 I had a notebook full of drawing of pieces … I CANNOT DRAW TO SAVE MY LIFE,  but it was good time “passer”.

After the rambling …. WHAT IS THE POINT? The point is back then even with the youtube videos I had zero confidence, the worst self esteem and zero conviction of God’s plans in my life. Who I am today is nothing like the person I was about five years ago. I wasn’t aware of the value that was within me. I didn’t know what is was to be confident of who I was, instead of what was on the outside. Confidence isn’t based on what you wear, what you can put together or what you can buy. Confidence is knowing who you are no matter what is on the outside. You are beautiful, you are strong, you can be confident,  you are worth more than you know,  you can be put together without exposing yourself.  We are virtuous woman, worth more than rubies and we are princesses of the highest King. It took my many years to find myself in God and figure that out. I overcame it and I am at the point where I am comfortable to share and hopefully help at least one girl out there. My blog posts will range between fashion, beauty, and finding inner confidence to express you’re beauty as well as friends and much more.

Hopefully I didn’t ramble too much and you wouldn’t mind visiting again.