Easy Breezy Summer – Off the Shoulder Shirt | Summer Fashion 2017

Top: H&M / Skirt: H&M / Shoes: Vans / Earrings: Forever21

Easy Breezy Summer - Off the Shoulder Shirt

August of Summer 2017. Where did the time go? Wherever it went, it went by like a short-lived cool summer breeze. Summer has been casual and lowkey. Majority of my free time has been spent on  enjoying the weather and the people around me. Meaning, being casual and easy, effortless. Like this look, a simple look that most likely includes an off the shoulder top that I “created”. Along side over sized hoop earrings, paired with sandals or a pair of vans, has been my go to.

Conventionally, the colors and the patterns in the look clash a little, but the checkered vans, are in along side the “I’m just chillin’ look”. So it just goes,because I said it goes. 

For my make shift off the shoulder tops, I grab a shirt that has a larger fit or I purposely purchase a larger size, hang off my shoulders and tie the bottom. I know that probably isn’t the best explanation. But recently one of my fav IG’ers, shared a video on her blog, here. Check it out! 



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