Monochromatic Mix| Olive Green and Pattern Mixing

Olive Green MonochromaticOlive Green Monochromatic
Olive Green Monochromatic
Olive Green Monochromatic

HI LOVIES !!!!! It’s been an extremely busy few weeks but I haven’t forgot about the blog, but have been more so preparing myself. I have been feeling under the weather, therefore my efforts and inspiration have been lacking. I will be feeling better soon, so I’m sure that will all come back. In the mean time, here is an outfit post from this past weekend.

With that said, I decided to wear a simple semi monochromatic look with a hint of pattern mixing. I paired my leather olive green skirt from Zara with an olive green turtle neck, that has been featured before. Originally I intended on adding a pair of olive green heels, but I chose to mix it up with my H&M camel coat, Zara cheetah print pumps and Primark oversized Coat. The look is simple and clean but fun and full of character with the coat and bold scarf.

Accessories like coats and scarves in the Winter are perfect way to jazz up any look, especially if you are feeling bleh and don’t want to use the little of energy you have. You can look very put together without having to break a sweat.

I hope everyone is and has been enjoying the holidays, tis’ the season, right? Christmas and the New Year are around the corner and I hope everyone’s’ is filled with joy, love, peace, gratitude, health and all the many more blessings. <3

The Love of God

The love of God is something so unique, so real, so powerful yet so indescribable. How can I say that when I’m describing it … I could use all of the adjectives in the dictionary yet the only way you would know what I really meant, you have to feel it yourself.

The love of God is real, it is deep, it is powerful, it is joy, it is healing, it is purity, it is cleansing, it is embracing, it is awakening, it is calming, relaxing yet relaxing and rejuvenating, it is energizing, it is strength, it is amazing, it is so much that our forms of word could not describe it in is totality.

God is Love, his love is Him. When we stop and take a break from this world while it spins and allow to hold time in the presence of God … we realize what this love is. This life that we all live is always on the go, there is always something that needs to get done, there is always something we forget to do and sometimes we leave life on play and leave God on pause.

But when we finally realize it and we switch the roles and press play on God and take our time we realize his goodness, his love, his strength and that he is everything that we need. This when everything I tried to describe as God’s love …. fills us. We can sit in awe and let time go by because it is like he is giving us a recharge of life or even removing our old batteries and old software and giving us a new one.

-October 15, 2015 11:18pm

Prayers for Oregon | A Word of Hope

As the days go on and years go by so quickly it seems as if the calamity and chaos in the world just gets worse. As Christians we have heard about this time, as Christians we have noticed things get worse but sometimes you may really wonder ” Can it get any worse ?”. Some of the stories we hear on the news are only things we have heard from our parents and relatives who experienced such things or stories of persecution of Christians from stories in the bible. Times like the days we are living today, what was once wrong is now okay and everything you think is right everyone seems to go against, leaving the only person to rely on, God. We can rely that His Word his true and alive. We can rely that nothing he has promised shall come to pass but that everything proclaimed in His word will be fulfilled. It is in times like this where the people, us, must pray and call upon his name for this generation. We must never forget that everything is under his control even if things do not seem logical. Souls will be saved. Philippians 2:11 Truthfully, things must get worse to get better. We may not understand it but there’s a reason for His ways, Isaiah 55:8-9. 

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families for the tragedy they are facing. That God may console each heart and fill whatever emptiness they may feel. That each may have wisdom and understanding, hope and grace to get through this tough time.

My prayers also go out to the nation who is in mourning. My prayers are of revival, faith, hope and restoration over our lives. I pray that the different battles this country is facing may be conquered and that His ways may become our ways and that his promises and his best may be fulfilled.

John 3:16 

Confidence in God | Collab with SevntyOne

Hi everyone ! Videos seem to be coming around a lot more often. ! Today’s post is a collab with SevntyOne, (SevntyOne x VirtuessBlog) who have been featured on here before and VirtuessBlog. We teamed up to create a video that young people today can relate to, which is finding the confidence they need in God. Be sure to check out the video, like, share, comment and subscribe to their channel for more videos. Thank to Matheus and Lucas for the opportunity to work together !