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Green Christmas Outfit

Dress : Necessary Clothing / Shoes: Steve Madden / Jewelry : Aldo Accessories

IMG_3328 Green Christmas Outfit

Green Christmas Outfit

Hi Lovies ! Before the year comes to an official close and a new one commences, here is my Christmas look. I spent part of Christmas Eve doing last minute shopping and the rest lounging around in my onesie ( follow me on Instagram @saandygee_ to see ) and enjoying time with my family. On Christmas day I enjoyed more family time and lots of food, followed by spending the day with the birthday boy, Jesus, at church. That is where my outfit comes in. My dress was a last minute find with next day shipping as my best friend and my shoes were thankfully already a part of my collection and have been featured several times (here).

Check out the two holiday makeup looks that can work for the new year. A new year eve makeup look and lookbook will be up shortly.

Holiday Makeup Looks

Sleek Neutrals | More of the Fall/ Winter Camel Trend


Top: F21 / Skirt : Zara (LY) / Shoes: Aldo / Necklace : Aldo

BCSkirt-19 BCSkirt-18 BCSkirt-10 BCSkirt-9 BCSkirt-3 BCSkirt-11 BCSkirt-13 BCSkirt-1 BCSkirt-15

Hi my lovies!! I hope everyone had a GREAT Christmas and I hope everyone is blessed in the new year to come. I figured before the new year approaches that I come by and release the several posts I have in the “queue” and have yet to post. This post is as of last night and the rest waiting to be released are from a few weeks ago. I also forgot to take blog photos for my Christmas outfit but iPhone photos will have to do. In the meantime, I loved this simple outfit from last night that is very minimalistic and neutral.

The itchiest skirt in the world made its debut once again paired with a slit ribbed semi-maxi top that has been all the rave this season and the season past. I kept this look very basic and neutral from head to toe, letting the fury itchy skirt peak through the single slit. As you can tell by now, I am a fan of the camel and black color palette as much of the season has been.

I hope everyone enjoys this look and I will see you before the New Year begins !

The Love of God

The love of God is something so unique, so real, so powerful yet so indescribable. How can I say that when I’m describing it … I could use all of the adjectives in the dictionary yet the only way you would know what I really meant, you have to feel it yourself.

The love of God is real, it is deep, it is powerful, it is joy, it is healing, it is purity, it is cleansing, it is embracing, it is awakening, it is calming, relaxing yet relaxing and rejuvenating, it is energizing, it is strength, it is amazing, it is so much that our forms of word could not describe it in is totality.

God is Love, his love is Him. When we stop and take a break from this world while it spins and allow to hold time in the presence of God … we realize what this love is. This life that we all live is always on the go, there is always something that needs to get done, there is always something we forget to do and sometimes we leave life on play and leave God on pause.

But when we finally realize it and we switch the roles and press play on God and take our time we realize his goodness, his love, his strength and that he is everything that we need. This when everything I tried to describe as God’s love …. fills us. We can sit in awe and let time go by because it is like he is giving us a recharge of life or even removing our old batteries and old software and giving us a new one.

-October 15, 2015 11:18pm

Fall Party Attire

GRWM Wedding (6 of 10)

Coat: H&M (last year) /Dress: ASOS / Shoes: Steve Madden / Necklace: Aldo

GRWM Wedding (1 of 10) GRWM Wedding (2 of 10) GRWM Wedding (3 of 10)
GRWM Wedding (5 of 10)

This post was meant to go live a while back but for whatever reason, I left it sitting in the queue. I’ve been busy with work and took a break to rest but I am back. This look was worn a few weeks ago to a birthday party for one of my pastors. Although this was worn towards the end of October, I chose to take this beautiful maroon/purple-ish dress with my favorite chocolate girl nude sandals. For this look I let the winged sleeves do all the talking as I kept everything else cool.

With the holiday festivity season soon approaching, the best thing to keep in mind, is to not over do it. To avoid to much noise and clutter pick a top, pant, skirt or dress with different details that will stand out one it one and pick accessories that with accentuate that. For example, with this look the sleeves were the focal point so I chose a simple chain necklace so that my neckline wasn’t too boring but it wasn’t overbearing. Also, since my hair was down and it was curled my dramatic earrings were subtle, only peaking out from time to time.

Try a textured skirt, that is suede or leather. A sequins top or a grey over sized coat, try a fringed or A line skirt. Thanksgiving will be around the corner before we know it, start looking for your statement pieces for the festivities !