Denim Fever – Pinafore Denim Dress | Summer 2016 Trend


TOPSHOP Denim Pinafore Dress

Dress : TopShop (Last Year) / Shoes : Steve Madden / Necklace : Zara

TOPSHOP Denim Pinafore DressTOPSHOP Denim Pinafore Dress

TOPSHOP Denim Pinafore Dress TOPSHOP Denim Pinafore Dress JulyDenim-37JulyDenim-15


JulyDenim-20JulyDenim-2 JulyDenim-19JulyDenim-9 JulyDenim-8

JulyDenim-12 JulyDenim-3 JulyDenim-14 JulyDenim-4 JulyDenim-5 JulyDenim-16



– a sleeveless apronlike garment worn over a child’s dress.

– a collarless sleeveless dress, tied or buttoned in the back and typically worn as a jumper, over a blouse or sweater.

Denim is relevant once again here on my posts. This Denim Pinafore Dress is a fav of mine from Topshop last year. This season everything denim is in and whats better than a piece from last year that fits right in. Any overall-ish denim dress is must have for the summer season for us ladies. It’s like the little black dress that every woman needs, but in denim.  Since Denim can basically be labelled as a neutral, pairing accessories are a breeze. And the versatility in the different pieces, between jeans, dresses, overalls and more, you can never have too much denim.

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